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2000 Performance



The Theatre Restaurant production for the Year 2000 was 
'Murder at the Music Hall'.

An old time Music Hall, with all its verve and sparkle, was the setting for this play at the Finley RS Club.  Under the genial eye of the garrulous Hostess, a mysterious murder was committed! And - surprise - an amazing number of witnesses, detectives and suspects entered the scene.  Everyone in this show was a suspect - cast and audience alike!

This year 2000 production was a theatre restaurant to remember that kept patrons on their toes from start to finish, when everyone was asked to decide: "Who committed the murder at the Music Hall?" 

On the way to solving the mystery, the audience enjoyed a delicious two course meal as they sang along to the old Music Hall standards such as Bye Bye Blackbird, You Made Me Love you, After The Ball, and many, many more! 

The Finley Amateur Dramatic Society (FADS) performed Murder at the Music Hall at the Finley RS Club dining room, on Friday the 12th, Saturday the13th and Saturday the 20th of May. Tickets were $20 a head.